Cultural Heritage Properties of Distinction

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Cramahe Township, in Northumberland County on the shores of Lake Ontario, is home to a broad spectrum of diverse, well-maintained cultural heritage properties, displaying a variety of architectural styles. Some date from the early 19th century, and include properties built by the founding settlers, most of whom were United Empire Loyalists from Vermont.

Following the spirit of the Ontario Heritage Act, we have documented century properties of cultural heritage value, with emphasis on architectural style, age, history, land use data, and genealogy. This compendium provides all the necessary data to ready a property for designation, should that decision be pursued.

It is a work in progress, with more properties being researched every day. And, as the site develops further, we are adding family stories about the pioneers who settled our township.

Using public records, every effort has been made to present accurate information, but sometimes it is necessary to speculate. That is particularly true of the build dates which are very difficult to pin down beyond a decade. If you have records, pictures or details about the properties and the pioneer families of Cramahe township, please contact us at the address below.

Cultural Heritage Properties of Distinction


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