Cramahe Baptist Church – 1880

At one time, there were five churches in Castleton. Religion had always played an important role in the life of village. Today, only one church, the United, remains in operation as a church.

For a time in the late 19th century, the Canadian Christian Magazine was published in Castleton by Reverend Thomas Garbutt. About 1906, the Hornerite or Holiness Movement fitted up a church in a frame building that had been a machine shop directly North of the Town Hall at 1780 Percy Street in Castleton. This building was used by a number of denominations over the years but has been a storage shed in the 40 years leading up to the year 2000.

The former Castleton Pentecostal Church was located in a building that is now used for residential purposes, but was still a church in the year 2000 – at 2208 Spring Street.

The Castleton Baptist church was located at 1014 Mount Pleasant Road and is also a private residence today.